A.J. Tendick of Bike Dog Brewing

In this episode of That One Thing, Gordon interviews A.J. Tendick—one of the owners of Bike Dog Brewing Company—about the wild growth and success of what started as a simple side hustle. A.J. shares his thoughts on juggling a successful side business and a full-time day job, what makes Bike Dog’s brand accessible, and how a brewery can act as a community convener and place for meaningful connections.

Thank you to our sponsor

This week’s episode is sponsored by Brass Clover—Sacramento’s first craft coffee company dedicated to producing the highest quality cold brew coffee in the market. Brass Clover recently launched a line of canned coffee and tea beverages, including Northern California’s first canned Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and Nitro Cold Brew Tea. You can find their craft coffee beverages at more than 30 local restaurants, breweries, grocers, and retailers throughout Greater Sacramento.

Thank you to our guest

Thank you to A.J. Tendick for spending the morning with us and sharing his story. And thank you to Bike Dog’s other founders—Sage Smith, Raef Porter and Pete Atwood—for bringing good beer to good people. You can visit the West Sac Brewery and Taproom  at 2534 Industrial Blvd., Suite 110, or the Broadway Taproom  at 915 Broadway, Suite 200.


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