Mike Reinero of Seat Ninja

In this episode of That One Thing, Gordon talks all things entrepreneurship with Mike Reinero. Mike is the president, CFO and co-founder of Seat Ninja, a restaurant seating and reservation software service that helps restaurants manage the front-of-house experience while providing guests with information for making dining decisions through its user-focused app.

Before taking on Seat Ninja, Mike started a business products company that he helped grow for 16 years before moving on to his next entrepreneurial venture. Mike shares his experience in entrepreneurship—the ups and downs; the value of mentorship; and the 5 elements he views as key to the viability of launching a new company.

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This week’s episode is sponsored by Giving Garden, an app focused on growing communities around food and gardening—a super vital asset in an agricultural oasis like the Sacramento Valley. Now is a great time to be part of getting this new concept off the ground to help it thrive in our region. Visit the Giving Garden website to learn more about the project and to download the app.

Thank you to our guest

Thank you to Mike Reinero for sharing his story and expertise. You can find Mike on LinkedIn  or learn more about Seat Ninja’s restaurant and consumer features online.

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