Meet Gordon Fowler

Consultant, Speaker, Strategist, Entrepreneur

Gordon is a founder of and principal at 3fold Communications, a strategic marketing and advertising agency committed to building thriving communities by making impactful connections.

3fold specializes in working with clients in the education, healthcare, and community impact fields to create impactful connections with their audiences. Under Gordon’s leadership, 3fold has grown into a multi-million dollar, award-winning, community influencing agency.

A firm believer in the value and profitability of community-focused business, Gordon ensures 3fold stays true to its mission of “contributing to thriving communities” by consulting, speaking, teaching, and serving with organizations shaping their communities for the better. He also spearheaded the launch of The Glue Factory—an innovative incubator space and economic development hybrid—as well as revitalization of Sacramento’s Nonprofit Resource Center into The Impact Foundry that focuses on nonprofit strategies and partnerships.

Affiliated Businesses


3fold Communications is a strategic marketing and consulting agency dedicated to contributing to thriving communities.


The Impact Foundry is a community-focused membership organization helping nonprofits succeed.

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Phyllis Marker at 3fold Communications
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