Strategic Marketing and Communications Consulting

Consulting for Organizations Needing More Strategic Communications

Gordon is an experienced entrepreneur, business owner, speaker and trainer, and marketer.

When it comes to creating solutions for connecting with diverse audiences, Gordon knows how to apply his strategic marketing expertise and deep understanding of communications strategies to drive success.

If you’re looking for expert support and guidance in any of the following areas, let’s get in touch.

Communications Planning

  • Identifying communications strategies needed to meet your business goals

  • Developing an effective corporate partnership strategy to meet your business goals

  • Crisis communications planning

  • Building an effective communications team

  • Building an effective community-based business

Branding Strategy

  • Branding as an effective business tactic

  • Corporate branding and rebranding: Understanding how, when and why to do it

  • Nonprofit branding and rebranding: Understanding how, when and why to do it

  • Personal branding


  • Building hyper-local influencer strategies

  • Positioning and launching a big idea or business

  • Positioning your brand, services, and/or products to meet changing consumer needs

  • Positioning your executive team for success

Marketing and Advertising

  • Understanding when, why, and how to launch a campaign and whether or not your business is ready

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